John Kopecky         A Guitarist for all Seasons

Jazz Guitar

JohnJohn is an accomplished jazz guitarist and a highly creative improvisionalist. He began playing guitar at age 11, mostly rock 'n' roll back then but became interested in jazz guitar shortly after finishing school. He has been an avid jazz player ever since.

From 2003 until 2010, John owned the South Park Bar & Grill in San Diego. He frequently featured live music at the restaurant which included popular and classical music, blues, and jazz. Every Thursday night was the Jazz Jam Session hosted by pianist JJ Lim and every Saturday night was the Blues Jam Session hosted by bassist Will Jackson and guitarist Phil Diorio. John was able to support the local music scene in a small way and make friends with many of San Diego's finest jazz and blues artists who attended the jam sessions .  He also had a chance to hone  his own skills as a performing artist.  Some of the notable San Diego jazz musicians who jammed at South Park, among many others, included  Gilbert and Lorraine Castellanos, Ian Tordella, Harley Magsino, Doug Walker, Joshua White, Danny Green, Joey Carano, Sam Johnson, Danny and Bob Weller, Paul Ingram, Bob Daniels, Chase Morrin, Dan Papaila, James Forston, Justin Grinnell, Karen Carson, Jeff Miles, Ed Kornhauser, and the late great San Diego legend, Daniel Jackson.

John's jazz guitar inspirations include Wes Montgomery, Joe Pass, George Benson, Pat Martino, and Tal Farlow, to name just a few. And shortly after opening the South Park Bar & Grill in 2003, John had the honor of hosting master guitar luthier Robert Benedetto and his wife Cynthia to dinner at the restaurant. Mr. Benedetto referred John to his close friend Sandy DeVito, a former student of jazz guitar great Chuck Wayne and a masterful player and teacher himself.  After that, John had the good fortune to study advanced chord voicings and chord substitutions with Sandy for several years.

Jazz Guitar Samples

The following are excerpts from live unedited recordings of John and his trio made at the
South Park Bar & Grill (please excuse the crowd noise):

  Beautiful Love (Young)
  Wave (Jobim)
  Nostaglia in Times Square (Mingus)
  Moondance (Morrison)




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