John Kopecky         A Guitarist for all Seasons


John John offers a variety of musical services to meet your interests and objectives:

Performance - John primarily performs as a solo artist but is comfortable in most any musical style and setting. Jazz ensembles, blues, latin grooves, rock bands, show bands, funk bands, big bands -- you name it, John has done it all. He knows hundreds, maybe even thousands, of songs and is a quick study for a variety of musical styles. And he knows how to listen and not step on everyone's toes.

Instruction - Depending upon John's schedule, he can usually make time for one-on-one instruction. He is knowledgable on music theory, including reharmonization, chords and scales on the guitar, chord voicing, voice leading, chord melody, single note improvisational approaches and techniques, flat pick and finger picking styles, classical guitar techniques, and most anything anybody would need to know about the guitar to create their own sound and style. John limits his instruction to intermediate and advanced students who would most benefit from the depth of his experience.

Recording - John is available as a "hired gun" for recording projects and has the know-how and equipment to get the right sound. And if he's not the best player for your project, he'll steer you to someone who may work out better for the particular sound needed.

Arrangement - John can work up basic chord charts, lead sheets, or complete arrangements for all styles of music. He has done this for a number of vocalists and original music composers who are then able to quickly and easily assemble a group of musicians for recording or performance dates.

Transcriptions - John regularly transcribes music when he needs to learn special material, for example, a particular song to perform in a wedding ceremony. He also transcribes guitar solos and can transcribe most anything he hears.

If you would like to explore any of these areas of musical service, feel free to call John to discuss your needs.





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